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Golf For Inefficient Badasses!!!

Why hit a ball with a metal stick, when you can stick MINES to your ball?

Super Inefficient Golf improves upon the most inefficient game ever conceived, by making it even LESS efficient. Master the art of carefully placing your mines, detonating them with expert timing, and BOOM – Birdie!

The game is divided into two phases: setup your golf ball with mines, then blast it into space (or better, into the hole) by detonating them! You have full control on which mines explode and when, which gives you complete power over your rocket ball trajectory. Golf clubs will feel so basic after this!

SIG has been entirely produced in one month, concept to polish. The team wanted to stress-test the internal production pipeline and set this extremely ambitious goal of having a market-ready product in just 30 days. Originally a “snowball avalanche” game concept, Super Inefficient Golf was born out of appreciation for silly gameplay and less efficient means. One of the founders was flabbergasted when, coming back from his honeymoon, he found a semi-completed game that did not exist at all, nor was planned, when he left.

18 challenging holes – increasing difficulty, no tutorial. Are you tough enough?
Slowmo and acrobatic aerial turns – total control, albeit very inefficient!
Unbelievable views – enter a chill, relaxed environment in which your swearing will echo for miles around.
Online Leaderboards – Join the global challenge.
Explosions! – Exploding mines, exploding barrels, exploding explosions all around!
Game up! – Bernard Suits would be super happy of our lusory attitude.

Available through Steam and for Nintendo Switch