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Game Cooks New PC VR Game: ZOLO – Zombies Only Live Once

Dec 3, 2018 – Prolific independent developer Game Cooks (Vindicta, Highway Madness) has announced the highly anticipated VR zombie arcade “ZOLO – Zombies on Live Once”, with plans to release the game on Vive, Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality via Steam Early Access on December 10th.

ZOLO – Zombies Only Live Once is a super fun, zombie cubic style, action adventure, simulator PC VR game, made by Game Cooks, the developers of Vindicta and Highway Madness. Featuring a unique game experience, Zolo – Zombies Only Live Once players will be able to feel the brute strength with their fists, experience the fire power with a large arsenal and exotic weapons and score higher in virtual reality. Viciously launch zombies into thin air and enjoy ridiculous frenzy modes with all manner of weapons – from shotguns, silencer, and colt, to AK-47, Z-GUN or hands shooting ultimate. Throw zombies higher, hit multipliers and shoot falling zombies to score higher and beat your friends’ scores to feel the victory with a live leaderboard in the most ridiculous, vicious and super fun zombie VR punching game ever produced by man.

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ZOLO – Zombies Only Live Once