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First Person Shooter PositronX released on Steam Early Access

After two and a half years in development PositronX releases as a Steam Early Access title.

PositronX is a Rogue-lite First Person Shooter that emphasizes on strategic fast-paced combat, innovative time and movement mechanics and detailed graphical quality, packed into a highly re-playable experience. With basically countless different combinations of Weapons, Implants, Imprints and Upgrades, the game you will play will never be the same twice.

Download PositronX via Steam :

How would it be if the time stood still when you moved and only advanced when you stopped moving?

There are tens of Implants to use in PositronX and they can totally change the way you play the game. Time can be slowed, stopped and rewound, you can fly, wall jump or teleport; space can be traversed in an instant. You can stop bullets in mid air and send them back to attackers or call in help to fight for you. Or just jump into a Black Hole and live for eternity. These are only some of the things you can experience while playing PositronX.

In PositronX you will die a lot. Based on the setup you choose to start with and the choices you make during the game, the play-through could be either easier, harder or almost impossible to beat. But don’t take it personally if you die often, you are supposed to. There is an ever growing database with information that updates with each run and that is permanent.

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