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Fear the Wolves Launches Today! Play for Free (this week) and Get the Full Game at 50% Off

Fear the Wolves, the unique battle royale game from Vostok Games, leaves early access today. With constant communication and feedback throughout the Early Access process, the game has significantly evolved from the starting point, providing a thrilling battle royale experience. Today’s version 1.0 update introduces massive new additions to the game in the form of the Artifacts, powerful, mysterious objects that give you fantastic new powers. As part of the celebrations, Fear the Wolves introduces the First Hunter Week and will be free on Steam for the next seven days, as well as offering a half-price discount to anyone that purchases in that time to keep playing once the week is up.

Bringing a fresh twist to the battle royale genre with a randomized map, PvE elements (radioactivity, wolf packs…), unique merged game modes, and much more, Fear the Wolves is a true FPS experience packed with untamed action.

The 1.0 update adds the Wolf Matriarch and Anomalous Lockdowns. Both have an attached artifact, the Wolf Heart and the Spore. These change gameplay significantly when picked up, letting you control wolves or see enemies through walls. However, attaining them is a challenge in itself, requiring battle with the deadly Matriarch or adventuring into the ultra-radioactive zone of the Lockdown.

The free week and 50% discount runs during the First Hunter Week, from today, February 6, until February 12.

About Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves is a competitive Battle Royale FPS by Vostok Games, bringing unique elements inspired by classic FPS games to the world’s hottest genre. The game drops players, as duos or lone wolves, into the oppressive environments of a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl spread across a section of the 25km2 map. 

To secure the top spot, players will need to worry about more than just other survivors. Across the hostile wastes, everyone is threatened by deadly anomalies and the dynamically-changing weather – voted for by dead players acting as spectators. With each game in a new part of Chernobyl and at a different time of day, survivors must stay on their toes and constantly adapt to new situations. 

Protective gear allows players to explore dangerous off-limit radioactive zones inaccessible to less-equipped opponents – but filled with powerful loot. All the while, the howls of mutated creatures echo through the wasteland. Wolves and much worse lay in wait for foolish players who don’t keep their wits about them. 

Finally, every match ends with a dramatic race to the extraction helicopter, with only one of the handful of survivors able to make it. Will you pick off stragglers from a rooftop until you are the only one alive? Or would you rather make a mad dash for freedom, leaving your pursuers behind and escaping under the cover of smoke and chaos? Each extraction is unique, with the final area layout and your skills deciding the winner.


 Brutal FPS battle royale in the irradiated remains of Chernobyl. 

 20+ weapons with dozens of attachments, across a wide variety of effective ranges and situations, including melee 

 Radiation spreads dynamically from area to area, and can be survived with the right gear 

 PvE elements keep each match different, with wolves, mutants, and other hazards a constant danger 

 Finish matches in style with the final battle around the extraction helicopter