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Elderborn, a Skill Based Melee Slasher Will Launch on Early Access October 11th

Hyperstrange’s adventure inspired by the cult classics of the FPP genre will launch on Early Access on October 11th – the full release will follow in Q1 next year.

October 4th, 2018: Elderborn is a skill-based slasher infused with ancient heavy metal melee combat. Old-school fans will be able to slice their way through an adventure inspired by the cult classics of the FPP genre on October 11th through Steam Early Access.

Early Access adopters will play the role of a warrior (that certainly knows how to fight), and will relive the old-school feeling of a game that doesn’t hold their hand. They’ll fight for their lives in a dungeon full of evil and corruption, a mysterious ancient ruin full of deadly traps, vicious monsters, and omnipresent death.

More about Elderborn can be found in these PAX West impressions:

  • Windows Central (Brendan Lowry)Between the excellent melee combat and the stellar presentation, Elderborn is shaping up to be one of my most highly-anticipated games of this year, and it should be for you, too. Good melee games are somewhat rare in this shooting game era, so Elderborn is going to have a big chance to shine brightly.
  • Cog Connected (Alex Thomas)Elderborn is a title that deserves peoples attention for its minimalist style and ability to imbue the player with a sense of power and badassery using only music and awesome weaponry.

Players will love Elderborn if:

  • they’re suckers for skill-based melee combat and subscribers of the GIT GUD philosophy of gaming
  • they’re sick of procedurally-generated content and for a change they’d like to explore extensive, hand-designed, devious dungeons
  • they feel that ending a life of an enemy with a well-placed kick is something that’s been missing from their life
  • they always wanted to find out how DOOM would feel if it had swords and a warhammer instead of guns
  • they miss the old-school feel of a game that does not hold their hand
  • they pray at the altars of Dio, Lemmy and other mighty Gods of Metal

Game info:
Steam URL:
Developed by: Hyperstrange
Published by: Crunching Koalas

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