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EF Universe Games Announces Launch of PC Fantasy Game Majula Frontier

Video game development company EF Universe Games is pleased to announce the launch of its new fantasy RPG for PC, Majula Frontier. A continuation of the Ellen’s Friends book series, Majula Frontier will be released on Steam on September 19th, 2018.

Created by game developer and author Matthew Satterlee, Ellen’s Friends is a fantasy story that spans both books and video games. Beginning with the book titled Forlorn Dimension, and continuing into Majula Frontier, which is part 6 in the story, Ellen’s Friends tells the tale of a group of friends who are fighting to survive in a ruined world full of magic and monsters.

“This was a massive project,” says Matthew. “Nobody, not even the wealthy and powerful industry titans have created something like this before; an overarching story that encompasses both books and video games. The story begins with the books, which are a wild rollercoaster of action that not everyone survives, then it continues into Majula Frontier, where our heroes are forced to come out of retirement to once again save the world. As the sky over Majula turns black and monsters return to the world, our friends have to find the source of the decay and the monsters and put a stop to it before Majula is destroyed. This is an adventure that you won’t soon forget.”

According to Matthew, the game features turn-based combat, which players of older RPGs will remember well. But unlike those older games, combat in Majula Frontier is fast, dynamic, and challenging without being too punishing. There are a total of 20 characters to unlock and 16 main bosses to defeat. A single playthrough of Majula Frontier can easily last over 30 hours.

The music for Majula Frontier was created by Dale North of Scarlet Moon Productions. Renowned composer for video games, arranger, singer and songwriter, North’s music can be found on OverClocked Remix, YouTube,, iTunes, Loudr and other locations around the web.

Players and readers who want to learn more about the world in which Majula Frontier takes place and the characters who appear in the story can read the Ellen’s Friends book collection, a series of five full length fantasy novels that are available in eBook format through Amazon, Apple, Nook, and Kobo at

Majula Frontier​ is a challenging fantasy RPG with turn-based combat, town management, character customization, crafting and light dungeon crawling.

For each mission, you take 4 characters (out of the 20 available) into a dungeon and fight monsters. The goal of each mission is usually to kill a certain number of monsters, rescue missing people, or defeat a powerful boss monster.

All skills are divided into different categories depending on their functionality. The last skill a character or monster uses is held in their memory until they use another skill. Skills can gain or lose different bonuses depending on the type of skill held in the target’s memory. Some skills might gain a damage boost, or they might apply an extra ailment, or a single target skill might hit all enemies, and more.

For resources, Majula Frontier uses stamina. Stamina starts at 0, and whenever a character uses a skill or is hit by an enemy skill, their stamina increases. As their stamina reaches certain thresholds, their damage decreases, the damage they receive increases, and their chance of resisting a fatal hit decreases. There are very few ways to recover stamina during a mission, so in order to survive it’s critical that you optimize your skill usage.

“Deaths” are punishing. If a character runs out of health, there’s a good chance they’ll quit the mission and return to town to rest, leaving you to continue on with one less party member.

In addition to missions, the Town of Majula has several areas that need to be rebuilt. Once they’ve been rebuilt, each area will produce a steady supply of resources that will help complete missions. Injured, tired and idle characters can be assigned to work at the various areas around town, where they’ll earn experience and learn important secondary skills.

Each character has four unique skills that can be leveled up. They also have two empty skill slots. These slots can be filled by finding weapons in dungeons, all of which grant a skill when equipped as well as a random stat bonus, or by crafting weapons using raw materials.

There are 16 main bosses to defeat. A single play through of Majula Frontier lasts approximately 30 hours.

PC game Majula Frontier can be purchased on Steam as of September 19th.


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