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Claybook Released on Steam, Xbox, and PS4

August 31st, 2018 – Claybook released on Steam, Xbox, and PS4

We are happy to let you know that Claybook is now released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Release version introduces a brand new cross-platform sharing. You can now create and share your creations with the entire community, regardless of the platform.

Huge thanks to everyone who played and helped us during the early access and game preview. Below you can see some of the new features, improvements and fixes you’ll see in the release version.

  • The game is now fully localized for seven languages.
  • New cross-platform content sharing (Steam, Xbox, and PS4).
  • Better support for <2 GB video cards. Select ‘Half Resolution Volume’ from graphics settings if you encounter stability issues.
  • Temporal upsampler. With this feature, even mid-tier cards can output a 4K image that looks very close to native 4K.
  • Lots of GPU performance optimizations.
  • Many in-game camera behavior improvements.
  • Lots of editor tools and improvements such as gameplay presets.
  • New editor and gameplay options added to the game.
  • Lots of user interface related fixes and improvements.
  • Also, many other smaller fixes and improvements throughout the game.

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