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Cabal Online’s ‘Devils Tower’ Update Now Available

Explore New Dungeons & Advance the Story of CABAL Online

October 4, 2018 – ESTsoft Inc. / Play This Game has unveiled Devil’s Tower, the latest free update for CABAL Online, available now! The sprawling Devil’s Tower update introduces new dungeons, items, upgrades, and features to the classic Action-MMO. Featuring the conclusion of Episode 19 and Episode 20 in a single update, Devil’s Tower is an action-packed adventure for Nevareth’s finest.

New Dungeons: Devil’s Tower Part 1 & 2

  • Venture into the menacing halls of the Devil’s Tower, face intimidating new challenges, and reap lavish new rewards. Collect Devil Tokens to barter with two darkly mysterious new figures in Nevareth.

New DX Dungeon: Archeron Arena

  • Journey to the unstable arcane rifts of Archeron Arena and face beings of pure energy. Those that survive the journey will return with tales of glory and untold riches in tow.

New Items & Upgrades

  • New Epaulet types, Essence Runes, Master’s Palladium Equipment, upgrade levels, and more!

New Events

  • The introduction of Devil’s Tower spurs a series of exciting new events in CABAL Online. Join us in celebrating the latest update, and don’t forget that Caballoween is just around the corner!

CABAL Online is a longstanding maverick of the MMO genre. With fluid combat, intricate class combo systems and challenging gameplay, CABAL Online is designed to engage the most hardened of MMO veterans and shows players why this is the genre-redefining Action MMO that inspired a generation.

Devil’s Tower is an entirely free update for CABAL Online, available now!

For more information, update and event details, and to download CABAL Online for free, please visit:

About ESTsoft, Inc.
ESTsoft Inc. is the operator of the PlayThisGame hub and has been an acclaimed publisher of innovative online games around the world since 2010. CABAL Onlinewas developed by ESTgames Corp., and is licensed for publishing by ESTsoft Inc. / Play This Game in the North American, South American, and European markets.

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