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Brand new trailer & Gloria Victis at Humble Bundle!

Summary of recent changes – synchronization & controller, passive abilities, Glory ranking, Sangmar Empire

Humble Bundle
We are proud to announce that Gloria Victis is currently available at Humble Bundle! With Gloria Victis featured in the War Gamez Bundle, It’s a perfect opportunity for everyone to join the conflict in the vast medieval open world, master their own skills in the non-target combat and loot the players defeated in epic PVP battles over towns and castles. To celebrate this great event, we have just revealed a brand new gameplay trailer which has been co-created with our Community, using the players’ gameplay footage. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Moreover, we’ve been able to apply huge amount of updates and improvements over the last few weeks, so we would like to present a summary of the biggest recent changes:

Synchronization & controller update
Players can now wage war with much more smooth and responsible controller, so in effect the battles are now even more skill-based and immersive. Also, this particular update has added the First-Person view as well!

Glory ranking update
The territory control formula has been improved with the updated individual players’ ranking. Since the update, the main focus is put on the player’s activity and their contribution towards their nation in the open world PvP. Even if outnumbered by the overwhelming enemy forces, players can still gain fame for holding their ground and take their place among the legendary heroes and warlords whose names are carved in stone.

Passive abilities update
The abilities update introduced numerous changes and improvements. First of all, from now on they are grouped in a skill tree where each subsequent ability can be unlocked by investing progress points in the preceding ability. There are also triggers – abilities which initiate special actions after completing specified requirements, i.e. successfully landing 5 headshots in given time will be rewarded with a buff, and we have added 19 new abilities. In effect, players have now much more options to customize their characters and get their perfect builds.

New face of the Azebian nation
Azebs, nomadic people inhabiting vast deserts, have united with Sangmarians and countless other tribes under the banner of the Sangmar Empire. The updated faction, one of 3 available, has been designed after the Byzantine Empire, with visible Roman inspirations. It comes with a brand new breathtaking capital city of Baalhammon, new questlines and unique equipment models.

Humble Bundle – War Gamez Bundle:

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