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BOOM! Breathedge is Released.

edRuins Softworks is very exRited about the fact, that their first game, Breathedge is now released and available on Steam!

For those, who can admit, that he’s lack of small, down to earth joys of life. Like… like contemplating an asteroid belt passing by your shuttle… or plugging the holes in you shuttle’s body with a hen. Or suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a universal conspiracy with hysterical princess and flying corpses and other funny things. Adverturous simulator Breathedge will bring the joy and kilotons of irony to your life!

Why gaming Breathedge:

  • Its really exciting: survive in outer space – survive in the interstellar dump, uncover a global conspiracy, save the princess and don’t break your fingers while tapping the keyboard!
  • It’s really fun! Hyper-advanced craft system: create a vast variety of useless objects and throw them out the airlock! Are you loading the game already? There are also many useful items to be created, but be careful as this may result in completing the game.
  • It’s really meditative sometimes: fix and decorate your space station. Just because you can.
  • It’s really insane: an intriguing plot with lots of dark jokes, cynical dialogues, an immortal chicken, a mad enemy, as well as badly animated cutscenes and other features of an excellent game.

And remember, the grandpa’s body won’t bury himself – so hurry up and start playing now!

Steam page: