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Baselan 27 – What To Do On Friday??

We hope that everyone is ready to go, Baselan is only a few days away. There are obviously some questions and concerns due to the craziness that is going on downtown with the construction of the new convention center, so we are going to try to explain what you must do when you show up.

Parking – There are many parking lots around the convention center as well as underground ones under certain buildings, like the convention center or the delta.

Unloading – The biggest problem is going to be unloading your equipment to bring into the building, you can do this at the front of the building, on Carlton, Kennedy or even St Mary. Be very careful of traffic and do NOT let your equipment out of your site. We recommend unloading and then the driver go to find a parking spot…. or get dropped off by someone who is not staying.

C4 Registration – If you are a PC attendee or a Warhammer attendee, your ticketmaster ticket for C4 is already purchased (do not buy another one), Once you are in the building on the first floor make sure you go to the right (do not go up the escalator) along the wall and towards #1 below. A booth will be setup for Baselan attendees and here (#1 from image), you will get your C4 pass. You then head straight down the hall past the C4 ticket taker (Show your wristband). If you are coming for console, you will have to buy a C4 pass at the ticketmaster booth before entering Baselan 27.

Baselan Registration – #2 on the image. Here you will now signing to the Baselan part of the event and get a second wristband specific for Baselan attendees. You will then be escorted to your PC spot. There are no other entrances into the room that will be open to the public, please enter via the doors off the east concourse.


Baselan covers rooms 1-3 and 9-13


Left side of the wall in front of the doors is not open to the public, only people with a PC wristband can enter this area. Spectators that have been approved and signed in may also enter this area. Right side of the wall is demo, console, merch, and warhammer.


No FOOD is allowed in the PC area but drinks are. If you brought food to eat or you purchased something from the WCC, then please use the designated eating area which will be rooms 4-8. This room is not accessible via Baselan, you will have to go back out to the front entrance.