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AYBOnline Presents WonderLAN 2 – April 11 + 12 2015.


WonderLAN 2 will be held at the C4 spring Wonderland Festival April 11th and 12th. The event itself will be an open gaming event with no official competitive tournaments, at least at the PC level. It is meant to be a get together for PC gamers to come out, have fun, and play some games without the added stress of tournaments. The event at this point is already half sold out as seating is extremely limited and the cost is $10 per day. This event will be an overnight event, so there will be no shutdown.

We are currently working with ChipDamage and the Winnipeg Smash Group in order to secure a console type tournament for the event; More information about this will be posted in the next few weeks.

We will be displaying the Oculus Rift V1 and V2 with the new Sixense Stem System. Xrocker will also be present showing off their amazing chairs, for those who want to have a more immersed experience while gaming.

For more information on the event, please click the ‘events’ drop down at the top of the page or click the large banner to go to our facebook group regarding the event. You can also register through the ‘events’ tab as well.

For more information on C4’s Wonderland event itself, please check out their facebook page for all the special guests, INCLUDING, PJ Phresh Phil from YTV and some Power Rangers.

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