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AYBOnline Presents Ultimate Gamer Showdown 2 – March 28 + 29 2015.

AYBOnline and Go Beyond Games (Dauphin), are proud to announce UGS2, a follow up to UGS1 that AYBOnline held at the Dauphin Kismen Business and Career Expo back in 2014. The event itself has now expanded beyond just competitive PC gaming and console to include Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, Board Gaming, and lots more due to Go Beyond Games partnering up.

The event will be held March 29 – 29th at the Credit Union Recreation Center in Dauphin Manitoba.

For those interested in coming from Winnipeg, the drive is roughly 4 hours west of the city but there are hotel rates available should you want to come out. Last year we had a few teams come up from Winnipeg, they all had a great time.

For more information on the event, please click the banner link above to go to our facebook group or if you’d like to register, please click on the registration link in the ‘events’ drop down at the top of this page.