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ArenaNet to Give Away Custom-wrapped Car in Celebration of Roller Beetle Racing Arriving in Guild Wars 2

Players can enter the weekly sweepstakes beginning November 27 for a chance to win.

November 26, 2018 – ArenaNet today announced that Roller Beetle Racing is headed to Guild Wars 2. Beginning tomorrow, November 27, players can strap in, rev up their roller beetle mounts, and face off head-to-head on five unique racetracks located across Tyria. These new public events will give players the opportunity to challenge their friends, guild mates, and the wider Guild Wars 2 community for the fastest times and bragging rights in these iconic locations. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or brand new Commander, Roller Beetle Racing will be available to all Guild Wars 2 players.

Additionally, ArenaNet is launching a month-long sweepstakes for players who partake in Roller Beetle Racing, featuring a custom-wrapped roller beetle “Type RBR” car as a grand prize. To participate, players simply need to opt-in to email communication at and enter one roller beetle race during the sweepstakes period, which ends on December 24. Each week, joining a race automatically enters the player into a drawing for great weekly prizes as well as the grand prize once the sweepstakes concludes. Weekly prizes include a complete Razer PC package, which contains a Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard, Kraken Tournament Edition headset, Naga Trinity mouse and Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse mat; an Alienware Aurora PC and monitor; a vacation to San Diego featuring a sand dune buggy excursion; and a home theater entertainment system.

Each weekly entry counts for the grand prize, allowing everyone to earn up to four entries for the final drawing. For more information on contest rules, prizes, and eligible countries, please visit:

The roller beetle mount was added to Guild Wars 2 in June’s Living World Episode 3, Long Live the Lich. To help speed players on their way toward the podium and racing glory, Episode 3 will be free to all players until January 7, 2019. For new players, NPC race officials at each course starting line will let players rent a roller beetle mount for the express purpose of racing, ensuring that everybody can let rubber meet the road.

Both the standard and Deluxe editions of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and expansion collections are currently on sale for 50 percent off until December 5 with use of the code “BlackFriday50” at checkout.

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