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Antlion Modmic, New Sponsor of Baselan27, An Addon Mic For Your Mic-less Headphones


Are you one of those gamers still using a mic with a base stand just so you can use your amazing headphones that does not have a built in mic? Antlion has the fix for your situation; the Modmic.

About Antlion

You love your headphones but hate your microphone; its signal is either too quiet or too noisy.

You need a boom microphone but don’t want the headphones that come with it….

The ModMic originated from this dilemma. We created the attachable / detachable boom microphone clasp and source only the best components for the job. Like many of our customers, we like gaming, Hi-Fi audio, and a boom microphone that doesn’t get in our way. We take pride in minimal yet function-centered design.
We are internet consumers here, too. We will do what we can to provide our customers with transparency and to treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated. We do our best to keep the usual marketing gimmicks out of it and we don’t make claims that we can’t back up. We use our own mics daily and rely on impartial users/reviewers to make the judgments about our products’ quality.
We are based in lovely Portland, Oregon, and love its great coffee, beer, and trees.
The AntLion Audio brand is owned by GTDevice LLC.