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All-New ММО-Action TechWars: Global Conflict!

TechWars: Global Conflict has been released worldwide for PC. The game is available for free download via an official website! —

And also on Steam—

About the game:
TechWars: Global Conflict is an action-MMO game about huge humanoid robots. Pilot a destructive giant made of iron, upgrade the war machine as you see fit, hit the field of battle, and push back the enemy! A variety of maps, dynamic weather change, and all manner of robots await! Use your advantages wisely, and plan your strategies to win this war of technologies!

Key features:

  • A lot of mechs with various skills and abilities
  • Up to 20 mechs on the battlefield simultaneously
  • Advanced mech destruction
  • Advanced location destruction
  • More than hundred items to upgrade and level up
  • Use location features to gain advantage in battle.

 About Black Sun:
Black Sun is a videogame publisher and developer headquartered in Moscow (Russia) and backoffice in Hong Kong (China). We love games and work with all genres and platforms. Our goal is to deliver high-quality gaming experience to gamers all over the world!

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