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Agoreable ‘Maker’ Game Terrorarium Coming to Steam Early Access in March

Indiscriminately Murder Your Adorable Moogu Friends, First Launching in Maker Mode This Spring.

February 6, 2019 – Award-winning creative house Stitch Media are bringing their social building game Terrorarium to Steam (Windows / Mac) this March. Launching into Early Access, Terrorarium is all about playful level creation, wanton destruction, and… gardening.

With Terrorarium’s robust toolset and wide range of customization options, players can easily build vibrant challenges for their friends and the wider community.

“We want players to feel terrible as they sentence cute little mushroom creatures to their deaths! Who hasn’t pushed an NPC off a cliff once?” proclaims Evan Jones, Stitch Media’s owner. “This is a game that rewards you every time you destroy something wonderful and wholesome. We know what you did and we built a game around that guilty pleasure.”


  • 100+ customizable unique assets.
  • Embody The Gardener and send your Moogu to their inevitable doom.
  • Quick Play community-made mazes, gauntlets, gardens, or whatever else players dream up.
  • Easily shareable levels, challenge your frenemies!


Terrorarium will be available on Steam in Early Access for Windows and Mac. Folks from Stitch Media will be at DICE, GDC, PAX East, and E3.