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Time To Test Your Reflexes With The Collider 2


With a mother ship in orbit, an alien invasion has put our planet at risk and now it’s up to you to deal the final blow. Scan, evade, and destroy your way through their fleet. Strap in cause it’s time to dive deep and hit em’ where it hurts. It’s The Collider 2.

In The Collider 2, Shortbreak Studios plans to give players 6 of the most advanced fighters “ever known to man” to try and take down the invading alien forces from the inside. This game comes with over 50 missions where players will need to scout, infiltrate, sabotage, and destroy all while avoiding enemy fire and deadly traps. The fast paced arcade style game play is a great mix of easy to learn, but hard to master and it will push players piloting abilities to the limit.


The Collider 2 will offer full HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality support upon launch. The game will also offer endless clash mode where players will reach unthinkable speeds and truly test their hand eye coordination.


The Collider 2 is available right now on PC through Steam for $9.99 CDN.

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