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The Calm Before The Hype

Calm before the hype.

‎Breathe. The air is full of life.

Just take a moment.

Calm before the hype.

We’re a little less than two weeks from E3, and the winds of summer hype. Soon, the sun will intensify, the heat will rise, and we’ll be buried in new games.

We’re still in the calm days. Just take a moment.

Maybe play an old game from your childhood you haven’t touched in years. Maybe call up some buddies, sit on the couch like you used to, and Sm4sh or shoot or run, and watch as time goes backwards.

Maybe go to the beach, work out, tan, before the expansions that will eat your life away arrive.

Even more calm.

It’s a long summer, here in Winnipeg. The forecast looks good. Get some friends over, grab some beverages, and set up a projection screen in your backyard. Play some indies, or watch them being made, or make your own.

The Steam sales don’t start until next week. And, hey — for the first time, you’ll be able to get refunds. Even if you bought a game before the sale, you’ll be able to refund it and get the sale price.

You have time. Your wallet has time. Just breathe.

Jesse Mackenzie is the Managing Editor for He often writes while listening to the gentle hum of Star Trek engine cores. His opinions are his own.

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