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Rise Above in Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse

In a dystopian world rife with zombies and mutants, will you grovel in your dilapidated cities and wait for the end? Or will you fight to take back what’s yours from the undead?

Recently submitted to Steam Greenlight by developer Emilios Manolidis, Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse is a turn-based strategy with defense shooter elements — but it’s not your average zombie-shooting game, the developer assures us!

Emerge: Cities of the Apocalyse

Other key features the game includes are exploring crumbling city structures and restoring them turn-by-turn, rediscovering technology lost in time and using it to create and influence, recruiting and managing your team of survivors, construct defenses from the ravaged cityscape, battle it out with the undead, random scenarios that depend on the alliances you create — all this and more to come, according to Manolidis.

Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse

Developed with a one-man team over the course of 4+ years, Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse is a complex strategy game which plans to allow players the fun of confronting undead enemies, while also coming up with creative strategies to outlast them and wipe them out.

Check out Steam Greenlight for Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse. Intrigued? Curious? Well, fear not because you can also check out Manolidis’ trailers, too!

Announcement Trailer

Steam Greenlight Trailer


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