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Laina Interactive announces ‘The Slater’

June 28, 2018 – Laina Interactive has announced its first game The Slater and the game is set to release on Steam platform on Q4 2018.

The Slater puts the players in the shoes of a former cop Mark Slater and sends them on a revenge mission as they seek the source behind the new designer drug D-Pain. Using stealth tactics, disguises, distractions, and without getting caught, players need to assassinate their targets to avenge their murdered father.

The Slater will give players an opportunity to kill drug dealers and crime bosses in its 6 unique levels it has to offer, each level with its own dark atmosphere.

“At the beginning of each level, players are given a briefing of their next targets and objectives. Players start by exploring their environments, locating their targets and figuring out how to kill the targets without anyone noticing it.” said Alessandro Laina, developer of The Slater.

“Gameplay is mostly nonlinear and players must find their own way to kill the targets.

Some areas are guarded and players need to get past the guards. The game offers multiple ways to approach these situations from simply crawling through a ventilation shaft to killing another guard, putting on their clothes and walking past the guards undetected.”

The Slater encourages players to explore their environments and to think, who should they kill next and how? “Simply shooting everyone with your handgun will get you killed most likely in seconds.” said Alessandro Laina.

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About Laina Interactive:

Laina Interactive is an independent game developer, run by one man, located in Helsinki, Finland. The Slater started as a free time project nearly 3 years ago and has developed vastly since then.