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Jnthn Grlt’s DOTA Box Computer Mod – Step by Step.

After doing the first base paint spray, I tested out what it will look like in the dark and how much glow it will produce. It turned out that it was too bright….

[UPDATE]: At the time of testing, there were no fans in front of the acrylic, so the brightness from the test LED was too much. Putting the fans in caused some of the light to be deflected and I was happy with the final result.

After a few weeks of waiting, I was finally able to order some pc components that I needed first to make the mounting holes and measure if all of the components that I want to use will actually fit inside the case.

Test fitting the power supply.


Testing the fans to see if there will be enough airflow inside the case. Those CM JetFlo fans were amazing.


This will be my motherboard tray. The stand offs actually came from an H100i that I am not using anymore since started dabbling in custom watercooling.

Thankfully I was able to manage to make a hole for the motherboard I/O shield and for the power supply.

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