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Get Busy Crafting Or Get Busy Dying In Dig Or Die


Crash landing on a strange alien planet would normally be a death sentence. But not for you! Because you are a salesman for Craft & Co. Automated Fabrication Tools, and they will be at your disposal to help you through the toughest challenges of this unexplored world. It’s time to craft, defend, and survive in Dig or Die.


Gaddy Games brings us a fun new way to explore and build with their new game Dig or Die. Players will take control of a crash survivor who has access to many tools to help them collect minerals and other supplies to create weapons for hunting and shelter for the long dangerous nights.

 The game also goes further than other building games with the addition of physics-based materials. Players will need to be mindful of where and how they build, as certain terrain and materials may be unstable and break without warning.

The game will also introduce water physics, where rain will actually drain down and collect in the lowest points of the level, so players will have to be mindful to not drown while exploring the depths.

DigOrDie v0.1 - pk - ui

Dig or Die is not just about exploring — it takes place on a planet full of deadly creatures waiting to strike, so players will have to not only defend themselves while harvesting supplies, but also build traps and defense turrets to defend their shelter when night falls.

And if the player survives long enough, they may just find a way off the surface and return to the stars.

DigOrDie v0.1 - pk - madcrab

DigOrDie v0.1 - pk - islands

DigOrDie v0.1 dam

Dig or Die is now available on Steam for only $5. So go grab it and get exploring!

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