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EvilControllers Offers Two New Services for Customizing Your Controller

diy, a sponsor of AYBOnline and BaseLAN, is currently offering two newer services to its customers.

Send In Service

The send in service is pretty self explanatory. You go through the normal controller creator and after you pay, you are then given a shipping address so that you can send in your own controller. This saves you the base cost of the controller itself that they charge but you do have to pay for the shipping of your controller to them. So in our opinion, if you are in an area where shipping will not cost an arm and a leg, this is a great option if the shipping is less than the cost of the controller.

Do It Yourself Kits

At the time of this article, the do it yourself kits are only available for Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Dpads and both packages start at $19.99. Essentially what happens is that you order all the parts like you would when you order a custom modded controllers from EvilControllers but instead you save money because they send you the parts themselves for you to upgrade your controller. To check out the parts you can get, follow this LINK.