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BaseLAN 35 Registration is Up!

BaseLAN 35 will be May 15 at 3 PM – May 17 at 5 PM at our normal venue Earl Grey Community Center.

This event has NO OFFICIAL tournaments being hosted by AYBOnline. Instead, we will be allowing each community to host their own BUY-IN tournaments. We have lowered the admission cost to reflect this. Currently we are working with the Overwatch Group, CSGO Group and the LOL Group, more information will be posted as the date approaches.

This event is mainly to be just an old school LAN party, come have fun, enjoy the company and have a great time.

Registration is through LANHub –

Event Page –

All updates and information will be posted to the event page. We will reflect what we can here.

Console – will be normal, AYBOnline will provide prizing for our console events.

BaseLAN 35 Passes Now Available! REGISTER NOW