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BaseLAN 28 Is Upon Us!

Okay, so there’s your typical three uses for a column, right? There’s applying anecdata to topical news, there’s open letters about things that piss you off, and then there’s just straight-up plugging your stuff plugging stuff you think is awesome and everyone will like.

Today, I get to write the third type. Why? Because BaseLAN 28 is upon us!


This Friday thru Sunday, hundreds of gamers will descend on the Earl Grey Community Centre in Winnipeg for the biggest LAN party in the Prairies. We’ve got marquee tournaments for Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL, Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and more. Assetto Corsa will be making an appearance, as will NHL 2015. And finally, perhaps my favourite of the scheduled tourneysSpeedRunners in the Demo Zone! Seriously, if I was allowed to win prizes, I’d join in and wreck face. (I still might.) (No, I won’t.) (Yes, I will.) (Maybe if Reactor303 is asleep…)


As always, a big thanks to our sponsors:

Presenting sponsor ASUS North America
Internet sponsor Shaw Communications
Network sponsor On-Call Solutions.

Gold sponsors Tesoro, and MSI.

Silver sponsors Xrocker, Patriot Memory, Silverstone, Rosewill, Noctua, XIM4, Enermax/LEPA, and Rockstar Energy Drinks.

Bronze sponsors BeQuiet!, Antlion Modmic, Kingston, TinyBuild, CPU Magazine and Vantec USA

All deserve credit for helping to make this happen. (And for donating some sweet prizes! Hot damn, you will drool when you see the prize table!)

Also, thanks goes out to the mighty and hallowed Earl Grey Community Centre. We’ve been there for many years, and they’ve always welcomed us with open arms, minigames, patience, and glorious $1 hot dogs.

Make sure you check out the Demo Zone — Kevin Carbotte has teed up the Demo Zone with a preview of this absolute beast of a laptop from MSI, and there’s nothing that compares to sitting down and putting on our Oculus Rift for yourself.

And finally, if you somehow missed registration and are just aching to be involved, you can nail down a spectator pass for just $5! Seriously, come check out the awesome. There is so much awesome.


See you at EGCC!

Jesse Mackenzie is the Managing Editor for He often writes while listening to the gentle hum of Star Trek engine cores. His opinions are his own.

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