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AYBReviews: MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING 2G


Grid Autosport

For Grid, in order to keep the run as consistent as possible, the benchmark was done during a time trial rather than a full race. The lack of opponents ensures there are no unique moments to render in one run and no another. The test takes place on the Indianapolis Infield Circuit, running Open Wheel discipline in Formula C class, while driving the Dallara F312. 



Grid is fairly maxed out already, overclocking doesn’t net any appriciable differences, however with the resoultion set to high using DSR, the GTX960 is being taxed beyond what it was inteded for. Despite this fact, we still maintain a very playabled 40 – 55fps at all times. Dropping the resolution would net significant performance boosts if upwards of 60fps is desired.  

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