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Antlion Modmics Now Carried by NCIX


Antlion, the company that has developed the addon mic for headsets is now finally being carried in Canada by NCIX. The modmic is an excellent product for those that have a headset that they love but still use a boom mic or lapel mic. The Modmic’s were supposed to be demo’d at AYBOnline’s Baselan 27 event but due to shipping delays, they did not arrive on time. The Antlion Modmics will be on demo at the upcoming WonderLAN 2 event in April and the Dauphin UGS2 event at the end of March. Feel free to come down and check them out. Expect a full review of the modmic on AYB Reviews in the coming weeks.

They created the attachable / detachable boom microphone clasp and sourced only the best components for the job. Like many of their customers, they like gaming, Hi-Fi audio, and a boom microphone that doesn’t get in their way.

You can click on the image above to go directly to NCIX and see their inventory.