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A Beast in an Owls Clothing – Asus Geforce GTX 970 STRIX OC Reviewed

Grid Autosport

For Grid, in order to keep the run as consistent as possible, the benchmark Grid Settingswas done during a time trial rather than a full race. The lack of opponents ensures there are no unique moments to render in one run and no another. The test takes place on the Indianapolis Infield Circuit, running Open Wheel discipline in Formula C class, while driving the Dallara F312.

Once again, for the settings, Geforce Experience has enabled DSR, pushing the resolution back up to 2715×1527.  In this case Anti-aliasing is set to 8xMSAA and all available options are set to max. It would appear Grid Autosport is fairly light on resources considering the image quality it delivers.

Grid Autosport Framerates
Grid Autosport Framerates

As you can see, both the GPU and Memory had significant impact on the minimum frame rates experienced. The average FPS was also increased each time, however marginally.

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