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A Beast in an Owls Clothing – Asus Geforce GTX 970 STRIX OC Reviewed

Battlefield 4

For consistency between each run, this test was done using the campaign BF4 Settingsportion of the game rather than multiplayer. For the test we used the first chapter, Baku.

The settings that Geforce Experience recommended may surprise you. For starters, the resolution being rendered is pretty damn impressive, 2715×1527 by itself would already look fantastic, however 4x MSAA is also enabled.

You’ll probably notice that a few things are set to medium, most notable the Effects Quality. While testing wasn’t done independently, we can assume that Nvidia has reason to set it like this. Dynamic Super Resolution may offer better overall visual fidelity than Effects Quality in this case.

Battlefield 4 Framerates
Battlefield 4 Framerates

When it comes to performance, you can see from the graph, overclocking had a positive impact on the minimum FPS, but did not help with the average. There was an overall increase in average FPS, but the increase is insignificant. It is not enough to allow for increased graphics quality, nor a higher resolution. Not that it’s needed, as the game looks beautiful with these settings already.

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